Patient Testimonial

  • When I sought out acupuncture from Dr. Wu it was a last ditch effort to try something besides steroid and other injections for bilateral knee pain and severe repeating swelling. After the first visits I had immediate decrease in symptoms. By maintaining monthly visits I have had no more episodes of swelling and pain is only under extreme use (digging, all day gardening, climbing many floors of stairs, etc.). As I continued to visit we addressed arthritis in my hands and have alleviated that pain as well. I highly recommend visiting. Dr. Wu is knowledgeable, listens to you and then addresses the problem.

    L. Laurel
  • I am very happy to recommend Dr. Wu. About three years ago, I had to go off my anti-inflammatory meds because of long time usage and kidney damage. Within three days, I was in the hospital emergency room screaming in pain. I have neck and lower back issues that have kept me from doing a lot of things that I could do before. When I left the hospital, I had a prescription for a strong pain killer (narcotic). This is not what I want for myself. After a session of pain management and being disappointed in the results, and not to mention the out of pocket expanse that insurance didn't cover, I had to find another way. Dr. Wu was recommended to me by a friend. I am so glad to have found her. It took a couple of months before I began to get back to my old self, but I could tell after the first session something was happening

    After the high cost and steroid injections, Dr. Wu is a bargain. She is highly trained and knows her profession well. I continue to see Dr. Wu twice a month for maintenance. I am pain free without drugs. I tell everyone about Dr. Wu that has back pain, knee pain whatever. I have sent several people to Dr. Wu that have come back to thank me for sending them to her. She will tell you if she cannot help you, so what have you got to lose? Just wish I could take her home with me.

    L. Parrish
  • I have been working with Dr. Wu on reproductive health and pain relief from endometriosis for almost two years, after I was disappointed by the solutions offered by Western medicine.  As a result of regular, weekly acupuncture and herbs, my monthly cycles are much more manageable.  There is no baby, yet, but I feel healthier and know that I am ovulating regularly.  Dr. Wu works hard to stay current in her field by reading regularly and collaborating with colleagues here in the U.S. and in China. Her kindness and commitment as a healer is outstanding.  We are very fortunate to have Huihui Wu in our community.

    M. Hughe
  • After hip replacement surgery I was having pain in my leg, the doctors gave me a MRI and x-ray and said everything was fine. But, everything wasn't fine the pain was still there, that's when I went to see Dr.Wu after a few visits my leg was feeling much better and after a few more visits the pain was gone. So, now I've been seeing Dr.Wu for over a year, just for overall well-being and any problem that may come up. She made me really believe in acupuncture, Dr.Wu and her assistant Lin are so very nice and friendly, and I go every other week and really enjoy the benefits of my visits.

    L. Weathers
  • I came to Yangming Acupuncture experiencing leg cramps, lack of energy and frequent hot flashes related to per-menopause. It was important to me to take a natural approach to my per-menopause symptoms; I didn't want to take hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Within three treatments my hot flashes disappeared, my leg cramps occur very rarely now and I my energy has returned. I feel like myself again and am so grateful to Dr. Wu for her extensive knowledge and wonderful Acupuncture practice.

    K. DuVay
  • Huihui Wu is a gifted specialist in Acupuncture. I have been seeing her for 3 years and it still amazes me how skilled she is at placing needles and resolving physical problems. I had shoulder pain for many years that no chiropractor was able to resolve in spite of many treatments. She was able to take care of this pain using a combination of acupuncture and cupping. I have had no problems since. She has also helped me with other problems such as persistent colds and irritable bowel. I highly recommend her services in acupuncture.

    R. Hansen
  • I have been a patient with Huihui for over a year now. Every treatment has been a wonderful surprise! I began treatment with hopes to diminish allergy symptoms and have ended up feeling better in places I didn't even know needed help! I am delighted with how much better I feel, and how the effects have blossomed over time. Huihui has helped me with allergies, stress, and sleeping and stomach issues. She is professional, gentle, respectful, and above all, a sympathetic and educated healer. My time with her is more than acupuncture, it is therapy! You will delight in her holistic approach and the benefits you will see.

    E. Ross
  • I have been seeing Dr. Wu for several years. She is not only very knowledgeable, but also a very caring individual. Acupuncture is worth a try when all else fails. She treats the origin of all my aches and pains. It is therapy and healing all wrapped in one, how much better can it get!

    E. Riggs
  • I am happy to let you know about the benefits that I have experienced as a result of my acupuncture treatments with you. I have been a patient of yours for two years. I came to you with low energy, severe pain & anxiety. I was very ill. Since my weekly treatments with you the severe chronic pain in my left hip is now manageable with natural anti - inflammatory medicine and your acupuncture treatments. I continue to be under severe stress however, with my weekly acupuncture treatments my stress is completely gone after my treatment. If I come in with acute sinus pain within 15 minutes of my treatment I am pain free. If I have acute, bruise or burn and I have had many since I began my treatments with you, I heal much faster. My acid reflux has also improved greatly since I have become you patient. It is more important to me to be at my weekly acupuncture appointment than any other doctor's appointment that I have. All my chronic conditions are much more manageable with my weekly acupuncture treatments.

    I have called on hundreds of doctors during my tenure as a sales representative in pharmaceutical sales; I find your dedication to your calling and your ability to be exemplary and admirable. I would highly recommend you to everyone; as a matter of fact I do recommend you to everyone as often as I can. You and your office staff are always very professional and kind. Louisville is extremely lucky to have someone of your talent and expertise in Chinese Medicine. I continue to be very grateful that you are my doctor. Thank you Doctor Wu.

    S. R.
  • Dr. Wu's treatments have been instrumental in improving a number of health issues as well as my overall well-being. I would not hesitate to recommend her services

    L. Edwards
  • I began acupuncture treatment around 20 years ago because I had chronic UTI, every other month if not every month. I was taking antibiotics that were having no effect on the UTI and developing chronic yeast infections as well. I was very depressed and sincerely thought my life was over. It was impossible to enjoy anything. Chinese medicine corrected the problem and I haven't had a UTI in nearly 20 years. I have successfully resolved multiple problems with allergies, muscle injuries, and miscellaneous sinus infections as well. I continue to have treatment at least twice a month, following recommendations for diet and herbs as well, and I now enjoy good health with no chronic problems. I moved to Louisville a year ago and I could not believe that this area has the great fortune to have Dr. Wu. Moving is stressful and I developed allergies and infections, which she helped me work through. She is a highly trained practitioner skilled in treating many complex conditions, and she continues to diligently work and study to improve her skills every day. I am grateful for her dedication and that she is here in Kentucky with us.

    J. Kozak
  • Huihui Wu is a gifted specialist in Acupuncture. I have been seeing her for 3 years and it still amazes me how skilled she is at placing needles and resolving physical problems. I had shoulder pain for many years that no chiropractor was able to resolve in spite of many treatments. She was able to take care of this pain using a combination of acupuncture and cupping. I have had no problems since. She has also helped me with other problems such as persistent colds and irritable bowel. I highly recommend her services in acupuncture.

    R. Hansen
  • My mother and I have been regular patients of Dr. Wu for over two years and my entire family has been under Dr. Wu's care at one point or another. She is an exceptional acupuncture doctor who takes great pains to diagnose and treat the root of the problem. I have personal experience in her being able to treat anything ranging from a headache to much more complicated health issues. I have never known anyone to go to her and not benefit. She is compassionate and one never feels like just a number in her practice. I have been seen by her for reproductive issues, sinus problems, weight management, kidney weakness as well as arthritic knee pain and because of her treatments I have been able to resume teaching classes in dance. The combination of acupuncture and the herbs she has prescribed have given me a great deal of relief.

    She also has a wonderful assistant (Lin) on staff who is always helpful, courteous and accommodating.

    Dr. Wu is a doctor who cares deeply for her patients and always goes out of her way to provide excellent care. We are blessed to have such a fine doctor in Louisville.

  • I am a forty-nine year old man, that six years ago had spinal fusion surgery after years of back pain and debilitating sciatica. After the surgery, the neurologist as well as the orthopedic surgeon declared the surgery a success. It did relieve some of my back pain, however I had waited too long to have the surgery and was told I had irreversible nerve damage. This damage left my left leg without feeling from the mid shin down. I had extensive rehab work to learn to walk in the few months after surgery. In the last few years the back pain has returned, along with neck pain that radiates down my arms. The doctors tell me the lower back pain is scar tissue and the neck pain will eventually have to have surgery. Desperate, I turned to a non-traditional option.
    When I first decided on acupuncture I was extremely doubtful of the results I would receive. Nevertheless, after only a few visits my doubt turned into astonishment. While my pain is still present, it is at a manageable level, without narcotic drugs. Most astonishing is the irreversible nerve damage in my lower leg has been reversed. I now have some feeling in my lower left leg. The first time I felt the needle I was brought to tears of joy. In the few weeks with Yangming Acupuncture I have been transformed from a skeptic to a true believer.

    J. Stinnett
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