Patient Testimonial

  • I came to Yang Ming Acupuncture as a result of having Sepsis which caused a host of symptoms including anemia, fever as well as blood cell counts being abnormal. These symptoms persisted for several months and did not let up. As a result of coming to Yangming, the fatigue as well as the fever and joint pain have gone away. I was also diagnosed with stage one prostate cancer in September of 2014 when my PSA level had risen to a level of 5.2 and now it is at a level of 2.9 which is in the safe range.
    When I started doing acupuncture treatments I was having them done twice a week, and now I am having the treatments done twice a month and continue to have plenty of energy and I am not experiencing anymore joint pain. I would recommend Yangming to anyone either to fix what ails you or to be proactive with your health management program!

    T. Jenkins
  • I would highly recommend Dr. Wu to anyone who may be considering acupuncture.  She is a highly educated clinician. Her clinical expertise and experience are evident with each visit. She and her assistant are very professional, kind, and knowledgeable. Her office has a comfortable waiting room and includes private treatment rooms. The office provides a soothing, relaxing, environment for her patients. I originally sought her services for help in alleviating knee pain. Traditional western medical treatments and therapies had not alleviated this pain. In addition to decreased pain, I have found the treatments to provide an overall sense of well-being, with improved quality of sleep and stress reducing benefits. I am very grateful for Dr. Wu's help and I have been extremely satisfied with her services.

    C. Parker
  • I have been a patient of Yangming Acupuncture and Dr. Huihui Wu for several years and have been successfully treated for issues with sleep apnea, seasonal allergies, and back pain. In addition to Dr. Wu's extensive clinical experience, she served as a Professor at the Shanghai College for Traditional Medicine in Shanghai Province, China. Her broad base of knowledge supports skillful diagnosis and the use of many Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques, including acupuncture, herbs, cupping, and others to help her patients. TCM is always my first choice for addressing a health concern, as this approach addresses the underlying problem and not simply the symptoms. I strongly endorse Yangming Acupuncture and Dr. Wu!

    J. Hartman
  • Seeing Dr. Huihui Wu has helped my father's diabetes. His sugar levels and A1C numbers have improved dramatically and he has been able to lose approximately 38 lbs. This enabled him to stop taking insulin shots as well. He also suffers from chronic back pain and the treatments have enabled him to move and live more freely. He has also been able to reduce the amount of prescription medications that he takes daily and still maintain excellent health. Her bedside demeanor is great! She is very friendly and makes you feel very at ease and comfortable during treatment. Highly recommend her to everyone!
    Lori Rutledge

  • I saw Dr. Wu for infertility. I had gone to several OB/GYN's and no one had been able to help me. Doctors kept giving me pills. Dr Wu did acupuncture on me and helped identify a problem on my right side. She told me I had a blockage on that side. I went to another doctor who ordered more tests and I ended up having a blocked Fallopian tube and fibroid. I continued to see Dr Wu after my surgery and conceived quickly after that. I have a beautiful little girl now. Dr Wu has been a Godsend. Recommend her to everyone, especially for infertility issues. I have also seen her for neck pain and anxiety. Helps every time!

    L. Cassaro
  • I have been bringing my little boy to Dr. Wu for several months now, and miracles are happening! My child has a paraplegic spinal cord injury and trauma brain injury, affecting executive functions. Since he's been seeing Dr. Wu, in coordination with physical and other therapy and supplements, he has had unbelievable improvements. First, after 22 months of being paralyzed, he regained the muscles that allow extension of his right leg. He's gone from having scary black, poorly-circulating blood and temperatures in his ankle to bright red and nearly normal temperatures. He has general improvements in posture, balance, better control of his stronger leg and foot (including newly regained baby toes and stronger dorsiflexion- no more footdrop on left), as well as muscle control/regain in his hips and abdomen... hugely beneficial in his learning to walk with a walker. On Christmas Eve my child regained superficial sensation of his tush- telling me it feels real to him again. Cognitively he's had much improvement in his OCD and ADHD-like TBI symptoms as well as in his behavioral dysregulation from the TBI. Last Thursday, 25 months post-injury, this little boy has regained control of the first muscle in his right foot... plantarflexion! If you are in the Louisville area, and considering Acupuncture, I urge you to do so. I do recommend Dr. Wu with all my heart- as she puts her heart into healing and caring for each patient... and is extremely gifted in her practice! Thank you Dr. Wu for all assisting all of these wonderful changes, and for all the hope and love you shower on this little guy!

    B. Lilly
  • I have been seeing Dr.Wu for a few months. It started with a stiff neck that she was able to successfully treat, then a bad knee that was also successfully treated. Plantar fasciitis and headaches as well. I wish I could afford to be treated every week year round because I feel so much better when I have treatments every week. It is really relaxing and I really feel like Dr. Wu knows exactly what she is doing.

    J. Downing
  • When I came to Dr. Wu, I was facing surgery for herniated discs in my neck. I had been taking epidurals every 3 months for 4 years with facets in between. That was 2 1/2 years ago and I have not had a pain pill, muscle relaxer or any other treatment for my neck since! She has healed me!

    M. Goode


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