Zang Fu Theory

Zang-Fu Functions:Zang-Fu organs are functional entities stipulated by TCM. Zang and Fu are two words in Chinese. Zang organs represent the organs considered to be Yin in nature (Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lung and Kidney), while Fu organs represent the organs considered to be Yang in nature(Gall bladder, Small intestine, Stomach, Large intestine, Bladder, San-jiao)

Five Zang organs


The main functions of liver are storing blood and creating unrestrained conditions for qi. Liver control the tendons and the luster reflected in the nails. Eyes are the external organ of liver.


Heart dominates blood and vessels of our body. Facial complexion can reflect the condition of heart. Heart controls our mind and tongue is the external tissue of heart.


The spleen is responsible for transporting and transforming food and nutrition. Spleen dominates the muscles and four limbs and its externaltissue is the mouth, and lip complexion.


The main function of lung is managing Qi, controlling respiration, regulating water passage and connecting externally with skin and hair. Its external organ is nose.


Kidneys are where our body store essence and receive Qi. Kidneys control the function of reproduction, growth and development; also in charge of water metabolism, produce marrow, blood and bones. The external organs of kidneys are ears. Hair can reflect the condition of kidney.

Six Fu organs


Gallbladder stores bile and excrete bile and it is the organ of decisiveness.

Small intestine:

Small intestine receives food and obtains nutrition, it recognizes nutritious and essence from what we eat and pass the waste to large intestine.


Stomach receives and decomposes what we eat and pass them to small intestine.

Large intestine:

Large intestine receives waste from small intestine, absorb fluid and form the waste into feces and eliminate them.


Bladder stores and eliminates urine. However, this function relies on the kidney`s condition.


San-jiao manage various forms of Qi and assist in the passage of Yuan Qi and body fluid.