Herbal Acupoint therapy for Asthma, COPD, Allergies, Chronic Bronchitis

"Herbal acupoint therapy" means the application of an herbal paste to an acupuncture point, which is then covered by disposable sterilized gauze and kept on for 4-8 hours. This process is repeated once every 10 day for 3 times in summer for threes years in roll. The paste contains specific natural herbs that directly act on body organs by certain points and meridians, while preventing and curing the chronic respiratory problems.

This type of treatment is most popularly used during the "dog days" of summer- the hottest ones. At that time, the heat-energy of nature is at its highest, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views this as the best time to take action to support the immune system and to specifically treat problems that happen during the cold wintertime, like most chronic respiratory problems. Our focus will be on treating the respiratory system diseases, such as asthma, allergies, sinus, chronic bronchitis and COPD. The herbs we used are easy transdermally and can stimulate the immune system to treat and prevent respiratory system diseases. After we put the herb paste on certain point, people will have some burn or itch feeling around the local place. Afterwards, the skin around where we put the herb will get red for a while, from a couples days to a week. If your skin is sensitive, you may get some blister afterwards. If the blisters are small, they can heal by themselves. If the blister is big, like peanut, you need come back and we can help you to deal with it.

Herbal acupoint therapy need to be done for 3 consistent years. However, that is still only a time commitment of 3 days per year for a problem that often plagues children, adults and elders for many years, when unsuccessfully treated with Western medication. An additional caveat: due to the individual nature of each illness, not every single case of asthma or allergy may be fully resolved with this gentle herbal therapy. This therapy is one of the safest ways to administer herbal medicine.

Herbal acupoint therapy is a preventive, seasonal therapy. This unique technique has been used to heal all ages of people for many years in China.

Conditions treated:

Chronic Bronchitis


1. Fever, pneumonia and all kinds of infection disease.

2. Very sensitive skin

3. Diabetes

4. Pregnant women

5. Cancer

6. People with pace maker

7. Server Eczema

8. Younger than 2 years old



If you can not make at these days, you can come some day close to these days.


1. Let the herb there for 4-8 hours for adult, and 1-2 hours for children Time may change due to individual difference. Feels some itch, warm or hot at where we put the herbs. If you feel very itch, burning or pain, please take off the herb paste immediately. Afterwards, the skin looks red or dark at where we put the herbs, and will back to normal in a few weeks.

2. Some sensitive people will get some blisters at where we put the herbs. For small blisters(< 1/2 inch), let them heal by themselves. For big blisters (>1/2 inch), please come to our office and we can help you deal with it.

3. Please do not eat spicy, sea food, wine, during the treatment time.

4. Please do not swim or take cold water shower in the next three days.

5. Please do not take shower within two hours after taking off the patch.

6. This treatment need to be done for three years in roll.

7. For other concerns, please call us.


$90 (for three times)


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