Self-care common sense


Back of head pain: Massage point GB20
Side of head pain: Massage point EX-HN5
Front of head pain: Massage point BL2
Top of head pain: Massage point Kd1

Nose congestion

Massage point LI20


Massage point Kd1

Stomach pain

Massage point ST36, CV12


Massage point PC6


Moxibustion on CV 6


Moxibustion on ST36

Anxiety and Stress

Massage point GV20

Neck pain

Massage point BL10, GB21

Chronic lower back pain

Moxibustion on BL23

Knee pain

Moxibustion on ST35

Elbow pain

Moxibustion on LI11, or the sore spot


1.Those self-care suggestions are for the mild conditions. If your symptom do not relieve after doing these, please see your physician or acupuncturist.

2.If you do not know how to do moxibustion, please watch our video.

3.If you do not know where the point is, please search on line.

4.The above methods may not work for every one because acupuncture based on pattern differentiation. One symptom has several patterns. Different pattern select different points. Please consult with the acupuncturist before you use these points or methods.